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Bankruptcy Form


Please bring the following documents to your appointment with the attorney:

1. Copy of deeds and mortgages to real estate, copy of Auditor's Valuation of real estate, real estate appraisals, treasurer's real estate taxes    verification.
2. Copies of certificates of titles to automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, boats, trailers and mobile homes.
3. Copy of Debtor's last two (2) Federal, State and Local Income Tax Returns.
4. Copy of homeowner's insurance policy to determine whether there are any riders insuring valuables.
5. Copies of any life insurance policies held by Debtor with evidence of cash surrender value and beneficiary.
6. Documentation of Debtors Wages or other sources of income for last (6) months.
7. Copies of any leases or executory contracts.
8. Copy of any Divorce/Dissolution Decree and/or Separation Agreement.
9. Documentation of an interest in a retirement account, pension, 401(K) Plan, Profit Sharing Plan, Individual Retirement Account, etc..
10. Copies of statements for bank accounts or credit union accounts for last six (6) months.
11. Copies of stocks or bonds.
12. Copy of any documentation of personal injury or property damage claims, worker's compensation claims or social security disability claims.
13. Statement of any pending inheritances.
14. List of Antiques or other collectibles.
15. Creditor Sheets.
16. Credit Counseling Certificates.
17. Credit Reports.